Playful, stretch fabric necklace with metal rings. Choose different colors. $4.00

Collect many colors

Any plain band
$1.00 each

      'Stuff It With Love'  
          for many occasions (siwl)
Or stuff it with jewels, flowers, perfume, lotions, cologne, garments, CD, DVD, champagne, theater tickets, candy, cookies, toys, money and more! Like a stocking stuffer this valentine stuffer is made of felt, cotton or satin fabric.
In red, pink, white or chocolate colors. 
Different styles and sizes. 

                 Extra large $15.00  
                 Large $8.00 
                 or Small  $5.00


EMMA Special Designs
P.O. BOX 1394  MTN. HOME, ID 83647 PHONE: 208-587-9556

                          email: emmasrunway@q.com
New Year's Day -Valentine's Day - St. Patrick's Day- Easter
Fourth of July - Halloween - Thanksgiving - Christmas

Fun - n - Learn Doll  
Kids will have fun while they learn.
This 18" muslin doll has changeable hair & holiday outfits with accessories. Purchase clothes with or without words and numbers! Get the doll package for $120.00 which includes: one doll and 4 basic outfit sets, sleep and swimsuit set with carrying case and accessories. PLUS your youth will receive 8 holiday outfit sets throughout the year and a bonus 'birthday' outfit set all FREE of charge for one whole year! A total of 16 doll outfits and carrying case!
The items may also be purchased separately. 
one doll in outfit $20.00
Extra large
Hang it  where
you dare!
more customized doll for age and learning level.
The outfits each vary in style.

I love to play with my doll.
I took my doll to the movies
and I quizzed my cousin
with the math pants.
I love getting the holiday
outfits mailed to me.
My buddy, my companion, my hero, my friend

$20.00 one doll (plus tax)
$120.00 doll package (plus tax) over 40 items
save over $50.00 by purchasing the doll package
$12.00 (plus tax) each doll outfit set 
each outfit set has 6 or more items
wig, dress, bag, shoes, hat, undies

Learn math, spelling, history and more!
Let's  start something new, let's do more with education! 
The doll is to provide a different avenue for youth to learn and keep learning.   
Studies show we learn best at a young age and repetition is a must!
The doll is a campanion at bedtime, when traveling, home alone, at joyous times 
as well as stressful moments in their lives. kids can take the doll to most places 
which is an opportunity to learn and remember.
However, the doll does not take the place of regular school class time.
Each doll outfit set is color coded. Green print is larger and easier learning.
Black print is more advance learning. The doll and website will go through 
many changes, your comments are very important!

EMMA Special Designs
P.O. BOX 1394  MTN. HOME, ID 83647 PHONE: 208-587-9556

   She loves the outfit!
    Thank you again!
She really liked being able to dress similar
to the doll, and being able to wear the doll
jewelry! She loves the hat and the bracelet
jewelry the most!
Promotional Price!
She loves her doll!
Fun - n -Learn 
coloring book $8.00